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The airbus A330 has just landed at the city airport, I am onboard of that flight. I was assigned to do some work for my company’s client. Yeah, I am no longer a freelance IT consultant, I’ve signed with an IT consultancy company for a while now. I stroll down the arrival hall with my carry-on luggage, as usual, light traveler I am.

I hail for a cab outside the terminal and ask the driver to take me to my hotel. The hotel is located downtown, with plenty of amenities and of course, a wi-fi connection to the internet is available. I was reluctant to take the task at first, not because of the company, but the city. The city I’ve been before, where I met her for the first time, on my freelance days.

She, with her smile, her tan and fair skin. Not that easy to forget.

Our late night chats, hiding from her significant other.

“Here we are Sir… Sir..?”

A wake up call from the taxi driver as my mind wondering while I am gazing out the window.


I gave the driver the money for the taxi fare as he finish unloading my bag from the trunk. Then I walk towards the receptionist and check myself in.

The receptionist gave the key to my room and after all is finish I went straight to my room, after hours of flight a cold shower before dinner is refreshing.

I walk down the street to have dinner after getting my stuff unpacked and finish with the shower. A little cafe just around the corner, serving local delicacies is where I am heading. A place I am familiar with from my previous visits.

I went up to my room after dinner, turn on my laptop, waiting for the wi-fi to connect me to the internet and logging in to my mail boxes. One, two, three, fifteen work emails downloaded. I guess I have to finish reading and replying these emails first before I do something else.

I click on the instant messenger applications, get them all up and running to see who is online. On skype, none of the guys from the office online, of course, it’s past working hours already.

On Gtalk, my buddies are online,  but seems that all of them are busy. We had a meet up once a month, just to see each other and talk and chat about life and who’s doing what for whom. The last meet up we had was a week ago and everyone is busy with their projects.

On Y!M the other hand, she’s online… coincidence much?

“Hi, how have you been? Long time no talk.”

“Yes, I’ve been okay so far. How are you?”

“I am fine thanks. By the way I am in town now…”

“what do you mean?”

“I am visiting a client in the city. Care to meet?”

“I would love to meet you after all this time, but you know how it is with me…”

“Yeah, the significant other…” *sigh*

“Don’t be like that…”

“Anyway, I have to go now and take a rest. I’ll be in town for a week, let me know if you are available.”

“which hotel are you staying?”


I switch off my laptop and getting ready for bed.

As I lay my head on the bed, I keep thinking what have I done earlier.

Voluntarily opening the wound I’ve tried to heal. Spending all these years getting her out of my mind and my life. Trying to keep myself busy, hey, with just a flip of second, the memory resurface.

For 30 minutes I’m lying on the bed trying to figure out what has happened, when suddenly someone knock on the door…

“who is it?”

Silent… and another knock on the door…

I get up from the bed and rush to the door…

It’s her, standing outside my room.


I let her in and…

“What are you doing here?”

“sshh, shut up…”

As a kiss landed on my lips… And slowly I close the door…


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