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High school students often find difficulties in chemistry. Here are some easy way to understand chemistry.

1. All metal elements are ended with -um, except Manganese it’s metal but not ended with -um and Helium it’s gas not metal.
2. All metal elements can only be found in solid form, except Hg, it’s liquid.
3. Ionic bonds only happens between metals and non-metals.
4. Bonds between non-metals usually covalent
5. Elements in group 1A is the most reactive metals and can easily form ionic bonds with elements from group 7A.

Some magic numbers:

6.022 x 10^23 is the number of molecules in one mole of substance.

22.4, is the volume of one mole of gas at Standard Temperatures and Pressures, in liter.

Those information can easily gives you 20 points in exam.


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