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Well, I have a friend who went to the same high school and also taking the same major at the university. She’s now back to my high school and become a teacher. She teaches chemistry, well my favorite subject back then. Recently she tweeted a lot about her students, which are either hate her as a teacher or the subject.

I love chemistry, and I think Chemistry teacher is the coolest job on earth.

Many of you might want to ask, why?

I love chemistry, at least on chemistry I get to blow up things, burn things or mixing dangerous substances. You would be amazed, how this thing most of the students hate really fascinating. Burning magnesium for example, you will get bright white color, or mixing natrium sodium with water, with the right amount could create an explosion. 🙂

Had I not become an engineer, I’d probably be a teacher, chemistry teacher.

An old saying, He who can does, he who cannot does, teach.



  1. I realize that I can’t spend a lot of time with my children if I become an engineer. Moreover if I had to be placed on a plant far away from the current city.
    Not that I have so many time to spend by being a teacher :p Never thought it would be that busy. But at least until now I can have Friday as an extra holiday hehehe…

    And it’s ‘sodium’ for natrium, BTW 😉

  2. I used to like chemistry, had represented my school for something chemistry competition (a.k.a cerdas cermat). Now I completely forget all those things 😀

  3. I LOVE chemistry. Reasons: 1. Sherlock Holmes. 2. It’s awesome man. You could wear that cool lab jacket and mixing stuffs.

    Chemistry is the one that boosted my grades so I entered Science major during High School (the other one is Biology. Don’t ask about Physics or Maths. C’est terrible.) When I graduated from High School, I wanted to enroll to Chemistry Major at ITB along with strong refusal from my parents. LOL 😀

    Now I miss Chemistry class *sighs*

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