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Okay, on some random events.

Well, kind of boring times now in Singapore, or at least I thought it was. So, I went back to Jakarta earlier this month, to get together with bunch of friends and a trip to “Pulau Bidadari” (Island of the angels in English). It was a good day trip off coast of Jakarta. well, to sum it up, Nindya post it here.

After a short trip back home, it was work that consumed most of my time. Somehow I have to find a getaway for at least keeping my self relaxed. Star Trek movie was on, so late Wednesday night I went to see it with my roommate, it was good movie, very good movie, although at some point it was kinda disturbing. I guess they are just compromising between Star Trek physics and popular culture, because the previous 10 Star Trek movies well, let’s just put it, star trek physics did not really sell that well.

After the midweek madness then come weekends, as usual, I thought it was going to be another dull weekend. But then, my friend asked to meet her at this new place called 7atenine down at the Esplanade for a drink. So I went there, get some drinks, I tried the litchi mojito, and turns out, it was a very nice drink, nice and refreshing. I went there again the next day.

I was planning to go to the movies and watch Angels & Demons, but somehow I couldn’t find a time to watch it. Then I download the movie illegally, and decided, I’m not going to watch it at the movies, far below my expectation. I’ll tell you about later on the next post.


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