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Okay, before this blog goes hiatus. A few updates for the first quarter of 2009.

1. On January I’ve received an invitation to visit Europe, Netherlands to be exact. I went to Dordrecht, Amsterdam, Enkhuizen and Hoorn, the details are here, here, and here. From Netherlands I flew to Singapore and then Jakarta. Me and family went to Bandung, where we stayed for one night.

2. February is my birth month of course, so, no fancy celebration, just had pizza with my housemates, and receive a lot of wishes from my family and friends.

3. March was month of concerts! I went to the over crowded Javajazzfestival on the first weekend, and followed by Mosaic music festival at the Esplanade. I went to see Brad Mehldau Trio performance. The series of concerts and shows was closed by the most awesome concert I’ve ever watch, COLDPLAY live in Singapore. It was definitely the best.

4. Moving on to April, I went to Sepang to watch Formula 1 live plus post-race Jamiroquai concert. I remember once said to my mother, while we are driving to one of the malls in South Jakarta and a car, one of my favorite car, was in front of us, it was sometimes on the end of 2005, “Mom, within 3 years, I’ll be driving one of those.”. And indeed, I can get myself one within 3 years, well, a little over. 🙂

Thanking God for all the blessing and blessing in disguised.


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