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One day, on a bright late Monday morning, I was having conversation, which then continued with lunch with a friend. We sat in a cafe, on a prestigious shopping mall in the heart of Jakarta. As usual, we talk about anything and that includes personal related stuff. Knowing that I am still single, then she asked me, what type of girl am I looking for, in a sense, what is the first criteria I put in to consideration.

That’s easy. SMART.

And she sought for further inquiries, define smart…

OK, I try to elaborate this…

Smart, well she doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist or theoretical physicist, although it would be cool to have someone explaining to me about quantum mechanics and general relativity, string theory or gauge bosons, fermions and all others sub atomic particles. And discussed intimately about Hawking’s history of time. But anyway, no, does not have to be that smart.

Well, smart in a sense that she knows general knowledge. Common thing that most modern women know and aware of. For example, green house effect. Well, one thing for sure, Global Warming is not because a lot of buildings use glass in their construction. No, it’s not it. Look for the definition in Wikipedia please.

And other general knowledge, like how many provinces are there in Indonesia, who was the Governor General of VOC during Dutch Colonization in East Indies, also updates herself with current issues, music, trends, and aware of what’s going on around her.


First, I need to have something to talk about with my girlfriend, and I don’t want to explain general knowledge every time I have conversation with her.

Second, when eventually she become my other half, I don’t want my kids to drink melamine contaminated milk, or take up antibiotics when they catch common cold just because my other half is not updated with the current news.

And yeah, please stop watching mind-numbing shitnetron on local TV.


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