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As always, I turn on my laptop computer as soon as I get home. Clicking on Y!M and wait till it’s connected and wait for her to be online.

Usually, she’s the one greeted me when I get home on weekdays,

“good evening, honey..”

And I would replied

“good evening, love…”

But not tonight, she was not there, where she usually pops up a grin smiley on my YM client. Not tonight, otherwise I’d be altogether drawn in an intimate, flirty conversation. Tonight, yeah starting from tonight, she would be temporarily offline.


“Yes dear…”

“Starting from tomorrow, I won’t be online anymore, at least for a month or so…”


“My contract has been terminated by the company, now I’m looking for another job. And since mostly I’d be staying at home, then, I have limited access to the internet, and I can’t go too often to an internet cafe or taking my laptop with me to a cafe to go online and chat with you.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, I hope you get a new job soon… but…”

“But what?”

“But, what if I miss you, how am I suppose to contact you, can you give me your phone number?”

“Honey, I already told you, I can’t give you my phone number, too risky, for me, for us… I’ll be missing you too, I know I will… I’ll miss the conversation we are having just before I drive myself home that keep me smiling all the way. I’ll miss your jokes, flirt, and just about everything that we had till this moment. But please, don’t ask for my phone number, and don’t even try to seek for it.”

“Ok, I understand…”

Argh, to much of understanding I have given to this relationship. One that we both know it only will lead us nowhere. But somehow it felt like addiction, we both addicted to each other, in a way. An hour or two before she goes home every weekdays, will do. And we don’t know how to stop this, and only time will tell when this would stop.

And that night was when the time tell us when it ends, at least I thought it would.

It’s been a while since the last time we’ve chat and flirt over the Y!M. I’ve almost forgotten how she looks like, how she sounds, how she would pops her grin smiley on my Y!M, and most of anything about her.

Until yesterday, she drops me an email with her latest holiday picture attached. She and her son…



  1. damn!

    great ending btw (if that’s the end).

  2. Dude,
    this is heavy. And epic.
    sure hope it’s not the end…

    true story? =P

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