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The Yahoo Messenger icon bouncing up and down, indicating someone on my contact just turn his/her YM client online. Smile on my face as I saw the nickname. It won’t be long before a message window pops-up and a grin smiley shows up in the first line.
Soon we were engaged in a conversation, as the night grows late, our conversation became more and more intimate, touching the sensitive part and start talking about the L word. The word which out of my vocabulary for quite sometime, simply because, keeping things simple.

“Let’s just see…”
“How about me? May I do it?”
“Sweetie, Probably you are the one capable of doing it right now. But no, I won’t let you do it. It would only make things more complicated.”
“I know…”
“If only…”
“If only what?”
“If only, all there is left…”

“You know what I like the most from you?”
“Hmm, no… what?”
“First, your voice, I really like your voice, crisp and distinct.”
“And what else?”

A grin smiley pops out once again

“What’s the second?”
“Your teeth…”
“Hahaha, you must be kidding, my teeth? I don’t have perfect set of teeth.”
“No, seriously, I like your teeth…”
“This is weird, you like two things that my ex’s complained the most. My voice, they didn’t like it as much, especially when I hum to a song. The second, my yellowish and misaligned sets of teeth… “

“It’s been a while since the last time we met.”
“I still remember the day we met. You in your casual attire, with pair of jeans, that only God knows when the last time you wash them.  With red polo shirt, never thought you were meeting my boss.”
“I am a consultant, freelance one, what do you expect? They never hire me for what I wear.”
“Yeah, and in that very moment, when I saw you for the first time, I like your teeth. They make me feel like kissing you.”
“Hahaha, according to my ex’s, I am a great kisser…”
“Are you? I refuse to believe it.”
“Do you want a test to prove it?”
“No, I don’t.”
“Why not? Afraid of being addicted?”

And a shy smiley pops…

“If only…”
“If only what?”
“If only we met long time before… and dozens of other if only…”
“Yes, if only, you are there, always there, in the domain of if only…”

“I believe it’s easier this way, less complicated.”
“I know, and I am happy, happy that I’ve found you, happy that I’ve met you. Even though only in the domain of if only things would be less complicated between us.”
“It’s getting late, I have to go home… He must be waiting at home, worry about me.”
“I understand, take care… have a safe drive…”
“You too, have a nice sleep…”
And a kiss smiley appear…
And I signed out from my YM client. Turn off my laptop; close my eyes and wandering in the realm of if only…


One Comment

  1. wow, this story makes me want to click my yahoo messenger icon..
    if only..

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