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Yup, I know, the new years just started, and I already rethinking, revisiting, rearranging and reconstructing my life and my goals.

The urge of leaving Singapore. I think I have to be more patient on this one, on my new year’s resolution this year is to get me new job somewhere out of Singapore. I was invited to come to the Netherlands, but apparently due to global economic recession my move has to be postponed until further notice. And this will include other goals, North Sea Jazz Festival and Glastonbury.

Judging from the high uncertanties in the market today, just to be safe, I’d probably stay in the country for another year. I guess I am moving this goal into less priority for the year. I am quite content with my present situation in Singapore, although work is being such a pain.

Getting myself a new ride. Well this is a bit ambitious one, but I think I can make it happen by the end of the year. So far everything’s quite alright in term of financial condition.

Getting married?? hahahahah, this one is hardly a priority of the year, but considering I demoted my urge of leaving Singapore, this one can be considered the next big thing. But I wouldn’t bet on it.


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