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I was born 29 years ago, this very date, 12 February. Well, to sum it all up, all the journey, it was a bittersweet one, and yet, the journey continues. Anyway, been receiving a lot of birthday wishes today. The following are some of the birthday wishes,

“Don, selamat ulang tahun ya… panjang umur, sehat selalu dan selalu tabah, dan jangan tinggalkan sholat. Amien.” – Bapak via sms.

“Sudah jam 00:00 WIB, time to say happy birthday to my beloved brother… Semoga selalu dalam lindunganNYA… I love you.” – Sister via SMS.

Earlier that night, my girlfriend sent me this:

birthday-card-for-boyfriendAnd also from my @jtug friends via twitter,

fajarjasmin @arisaja Happy Birthday, Dude… 🙂

pico @arisaja selamat ulang tahun, kami ucapkan… selamat panjang umur, kami kan doakan.. selamat sejahtera dan bahagia… *tiup lilin

thesouthernstar Icon_lock @arisaja the birthday boy? Bappy Hirthday =P all the best wishes are sent to your way, Pak! Have a blasting birthday yap 🙂 from TwitterFox in reply to arisaja

ella_mulvi @arisaja ulang taun yaa.. Happy birthday.. from mobile web

heriyadi @arisaja Met ultah, Have a nice year in front of you

rampok @arisaja happy birthday dude 😀

chibialfa @arisaja met ultah, Ri 🙂

anima @arisaja heya! happy birthday! 😀

rangga_rp @arisaja morning. happy b’day.

amalia_sari Icon_lock @arisaja hepi bersdey! gbu always!

snydez @arisaja met ngultahh 😉

Silverlines @arisaja: Happy Birthday, boy!! May happiness be always with you and starts with no delay 🙂

olganovita Icon_lock @arisaja hepi bertdei ya

almaviva Icon_lock @arisaja happy birthdaaaay! TRAKTIIIIR :p

kapkap @arisaja – Happy birthday!!! 😀

mabakle @arisaja Happy Birthday! Aloha

somemandy @arisaja wah…ulang tahun? HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

LeonnieFM @arisaja HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

venustweets @arisaja huaaaa telaaattt….HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIIII

yonaa @arisaja happy belated birthday!

iing Icon_lock @arisaja wee apaini rame2? ada yang ulang taun ya? hepi bersdey kang ari! 😀

zulfikars @arisaja happy birthday ! 😀

nanashambles @arisaja: Woohoo!!! Exactly 00.00 in Jakarta. Assuming you’re born here, Happy Birthday!!! Have a great one yah =D

budi @arisaja happy birthday!

deon @arisaja hepi birthday ya om!! wish you always get the best!!! 🙂

nvade @arisaja hepi hari jenggot atau burung atau roti 😀

asil @arisaja happy birthday!!

patvandiest @arisaja disini baru jam 00.00 (WIB time) so… happy birthday, buddy! Hope all the success in your career and life in general. Salute!

amudi @arisaja wooo, met lamet pak!

rikaokd @arisaja w00t w00t dirimu ultaaah.. happy birthday!!! besok kita TU dibayarin ni ;))

And many other wishes on my facebook page.

Thank you to all of you for the birthday wishes and may God bless us all.


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