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At 5.15 local time, KLM’s Boeing 777 touches down at Schipol airport, Amsterdam. I was in that flight, long 12 hrs direct flight from Singapore. I was hardly asleep, only 4 hrs in total I close my eyes.

Got confuse with all the direction trying to find my way to arrival hall. Just following the arrow, immigration check, baggage claim etc, and then find a place just to sit down for a while, open my laptop, say hi to few friends.

It was chilling 1 deg.C when I had my ciggy break outside the arrival hall. A gust of wind blows into my face, facing the extreme cold for the first time, hey, I survived! hahahha…

Now, the next step, finding my way to Dordrecht, the final destination. Purchasing the train ticket, go to the platform to wait for the intercity train. It took about an hour from Schipol airport to Dordrecht central. Arrived at the station about 7.45, the sun seems still reluctant to show its face, oh yeah, this is winter time, the sun rises late and goes down early. Coming out of the station, trying to get my self taxi to take me to the hotel, the dawn was just breaking when I get to the hotel. And here I am now, trying to get some rest while writing this story.

Yes, I am still on jet lag. Hahahaha


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