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This should be a short post.

By the time I am writing this, I was just finish packing my stuffs for my trip to Netherlands. Yes, opening my way to new beginning. Hopefully I will make it this time around.

My flight will depart at 22.50 tonight, and scheduled to arrive at Amsterdam at 05.30 tomorrow. It’s in the height of winter there in Europe, Netherlands in particular, wondering how cold the weather will be at that time around. I’ve been checking the weather report and forecast the last couple of days, it is forecasted that the temperature ranging between -1 deg.C to 5 deg.C. As a person native of tropical country, this first exposure to extreme cold temperature does give me scare. Just hope I don’t freeze there :D.

Beside an important meeting while I am there, I am planning for a bit of sightseeing in Amsterdam, Dordrecht and Rotterdam. My friend will pick me up and take me to the Nord Holland area too. It will be a short and yet wonderful journey, so, watch out for pictures I’ll post later. I will spend three days in Netherlands, before leaving to Singapore and connecting to Jakarta. My flight is scheduled to depart from Amsterdam on 28 January, 21.00 and scheduled to arrive in Changi Airport Singapore at 16.30 the next day. My connecting flight is three and half hours after arrival, indeed it is tight schedule. But I am pretty sure I will make it on time.

Well, I guess that’s all for now, will post another stroy when I get there. See you guys, and wish me luck!


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