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I still haven’t found what I am looking for. It was supposed to be there, where the streets have no name, under the Joshua Tree.

I’m looking for you, after New year’s day, on Sunday bloody Sunday, when an Electrical Storm struck down the Angel of Harlem, and causes an Unforgettable fire.

You know, All I want is you, you are the One. You are my Pride (in the name of Love). You are the Sweetest Thing at my most Beautiful Day. I thought You will always Stay (faraway so close), and now you’re Gone, and I am stuck in a moment, with or without you, I’m staring at the sun. Wishing If God will send his Angels, for the first time, to Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill me, in her Mysterious Ways, which even better than the real thing. That’s when Love comes to town. And I will Follow her Until the End of the World.

I’m numb now, so bad, I am going to Discotheque, to kill my desire for Miss Sarajevo who was taken away by The Hands That Built America.


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