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Another laptops scandal emerge from the desk of public service officers. This time from the provincial government of Jakarta. Following the similar scandal from the house of representatives last year, the bureau chiefs in the Jakarta Provincial Government offices are about to be given the ultimate-high-end-new-branded US$ 3500 laptops, according to the Provincial budgetary plan for 2009.

The reason for purchasing the laptops is to ease the work of some bureau chiefs, public relation bureau chief said. He also explain, for some bureau like International Relation Bureau, they need high end laptops so it can load data faster for the purpose of presentation, especially in front of the investors.

OK, listening to this man, is just like listening to not funny big joke. So you think the whole population of Jakarta is a dumb ass, don’t you sir?

First, you don’t need a high-end-over the top laptops for Powerpoint presentation! Not even a fancy 3D or whatever presentation movie you are playing! I may not a computer geek (not that much) but to serve the purpose of presentation, a lot of much cheaper laptops more than capable of doing it!

Second, we are talking about investors, for which sector? I mean, for years those monorail project was abandoned, you need investors for that and a lot of infrastructures work to be done in Jakarta, but none of them comes, and I don’t think the laptops would do any good either. Ok, so you need laptops, but US$ 3500 is just overkill, not to mention, probably some of them still requires training to use it. Ah yes, then you will need more money to train them. Another “good” reason to spend a budget.

And that was not the only surprising figures on the budget, look at the allocated budget for Governor and Vice Governor’s laundry, shooting as high as IDR 70 million (US $ 7000) per year. That must be a lot of clothes to be dry cleaned. Another questionable budget is the synchronization “harmonization” budget with other institution at the same level, like Higher State Attorney, Jakarta Police Dept, and Higher court. This has been allocated around IDR 7 billion (US$ 700,000). Somebody must have smell something fishy for this allocation. I mean, all of those instutions already have their own allocated budget from the central government, and what’s the point of giving these bodies another giveaways? For protection from the law? Ah who knows…

On the other hand, there are a lot of home work to be done by the Jakarta provincial government. Roads with pot holes, annual floods, traffic jams, and other infrastructures required to make Jakarta a better place to live in, not to mention healthcare and education for the poor, and many more. And this is exactly what the tax payers are hoping for, as the return for the tax they are paying to the government and provincial government. Not just spend it for laptops, laundry and another so not important spending!



  1. what the hell is a ‘synchronization budget’? I work in the music industry, and synchronization usually means using a song with an advertisment or something. hm… nah.

    • Hmm… the budget for other institution so they can work in harmony with the provincial government, especially the institution related with upholding the law…

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