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On being a child,

Growing up in a humble family, it wasn’t a very much of pampering or spoiling from my parents. Hey my father was a regular working class man. Hard work is all he know throughout his life. For his family, for me, for my sisters. Putting his head over heels just to make sure that we have something to eat, his children get a good education. That’s all…

Well, you did it pops! I hope the three of us did well too and you’ll be proud of us.

On the contrary, pampering came from my grand parents (love you all grams), my grandma brought me home, a nice wooden made trucks, painted and all, while kids my age made it by themselves. Yeah, less of a creativity for me :D. My granddad, bought me even more expensive, battery operated toys, robots, cars, that made other kids envy. Ahh… those are the angels in my childhood life. May you both rest in heaven grams.

On being a boy

I was a very decent young boy, staying out of troubles, good grades, first class honor. Well enough said, my parents always walked home proud every end of semester. Stepping on my junior high, family life getting better, courtesy of my pops hard work, coming home late, just have enough time to see him on my way to school and barely saw him during the night.

I guess this was the start of my adolescene, knowing a cute girl, start liking them. Hahahh, having a monkey love relationship with my classmate. Paying attention to girls “particulars”, hey part of the process ain’t it? Ah, teens, sweet life.

A teenager

Then high school era. The era of getting know the world. I made it to enroll in one of Jakarta’s best high school – and so did my sisters. This is when life getting a bit hard. I use to commute between my home in Depok to my high school in Bukit Duri. Train was the fastest way of transport, and much more “convinient” in the year 1995 to 1996 compared to 2008 :). Every once in a while, witnessing people falls from the speedy train, high school gangs fight, part of my day.

Then my parents bought me a car, used car on my 2nd year of senior high, travel time was like 45 minutes at that time. Not as bad as these days. It was fun time actually. One of my most memorable moments in my teenage life was the worse I accident I had in my senior year. It was on early 1998, me and my bestest friend was returning home from a friend birthday party. The traffic light was red on Pancoran Junction heading towards MT Haryono. In front of me was a minivan, and behind me was a suzuki sedan. I was smoking, when suddenly I heard tyre screaming, braking hard. Before it hits my car seconds later.

An Honda accord hits the back of the suzuki, before the impact hits my car and absorbed by the minivan in front of me. My friend sitting beside me was pushed out through the window, I was unconcious momentarily. My car was wrecked and it was the worse accident ever.

Uni Student,

Graduated 1998 from High School, enrolled to the best engineering college in the country, taking chemical engineering major (not chemistry!). This is one of my best ride in life. I don’t remember I attend classes regulary, skip most of them, getting good grades at subject that I like, screwed for the rest of them. Taking introductory lesson to alcoholism. And advance course in the final year.

But yeah, after 5 long years I graduated anyway! Hoorraaay!

Work Work Worker!

After graduation, it was not easy to find me a job. Until one of my high school friends contacted me, I was accepted to another “college”, I always consider my first employer is my college to Process Engineering and Design for the oil and gas Industry. This time having a serious relationship after so many years fooling around. Work there for a year, and jump to an MNC still in the same field. One of my advancement in carreer, getting more serious with my girlfriend, but sadly, has to end somehow.

being a man (i hope)

Work for three years, after feeling stuck in the place, moving on to Singapore. Get a new life and new lover, more serious than ever, get engaged. A big step for me, for my life. I was preparing for the big day. The date was set, formal family meetings was held. Mine and hers. I was so happy, excited, families too. I was supposed to be married with my bestest friend cousin.  Then the life turning moment comes, the wedding was canceled, two weeks prior the date.

Part of life, a journey.  It was there to see how strong I am, if I am not strong enough, it was supposed to make me stronger. Yeah… I am trying to be a man…


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