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It is glad to see that Indonesia movie industry moving towards a better picture. Probably at it’s best for the last two decades. Young and talented movie makers like Hanung Bramantyo, Djoko Anwar, Riri Riza, along with visionary producer like Mira Lesmana and Nia Dinata with a selection of good actors and actress, continue to produce well written, well presented and well characterized movies. The last one, probably the best this year, Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops), able to seek the attention of the president himself. Although, I have to admit, there are more below the par movies compared to movies that meet audience expectation being released. Interesting to note though, movies that often only following the success of a movie in the same genre, fall into this category of below the standard.

Furthermore, apparently with the growing interest in local movies, also attracts those players that once ruin the movie industry back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, which soon after local movies collapsed, create an empire of local soap opera which more of bollywood tasted scene instead of local scene. Sadly, due to the lack of good entertainment, this soap opera fill in most of local TV airtime. This can be seen in movies which featured beautiful below the standard actors, lousy written screenplay, trend followers and stereotypical plot. I am afraid, the cycle is about to happen again, like I said in the first paraghraph, more lousy movies released compared to those which meet expectation. It is such a shame that the work of good movie makers tainted with movies like Pocong vs Kuntilanak, Mas Suka Mas Sukin Aja, come on, horror once sells, but this is too much already. Sex flavored theme sounds commercially good, but if you want to sell good movies, it takes more that flashing pair of boobs and showing tighs. That was so 90’s with Kiki Fatmala, Ayu Azhari and Inneke Koesherawati as the leading ladies.

Speaking of Indonesian movies (known as Tangkiwood in the glorydays) in the 90s there were time when Hollywood movie produced in collaboration with a local Indonesian partner. Beside starred with hollywood actor and actress, Indonesian actors and actresses also take part in the movie. To name a view, movies like Outraged Fugitive, Lady Dragon, Angel of Fury and Lady Dragon 2.

Cynthia Rothrock also known as Cindy Rothrock sort of regular hollywood actress to appear in Indonesian movie scene. At least she starred in three movies. All of them was action/martial arts movies. On Angel of Fury she appeared for the first time. The movie was directed by Ackyl Anwari. She starred along side Indonesian actors and actress like Zainal Abidin, Roy Marten and Minati Atmanegara. The scenario was written by Deddy Armand together with Cristhopher Mitchum.

Later in 92 and 93 she starred consecutively in Lady Dragon and Lady Dragon 2, playing as different character in both. Lady Dragon and Lady Dragon 2 were directed by David Worth and written by Clifford Mohr. She played alongside Bella Esperance in both movies. Other big names in Indonesian cinema also starred in the movies like Advent Bangun, HIM Damsyik, Piet Burnama and Hengky Tarnando. Another hollywood name starred in the movies like Billy Drago in Lady Dragon 2.

The last Hollywood name, as I remember, to appear in Indonesia movie scene was Frank Zagarino, a regular in Hollywood action movie scene like cyborg cop. He starred in 1995 movie Without Mercy (Outraged Fugitive) or Pemburu Teroris. Hot Indonesian actress Ayu Azhari played alongside him in the movie. Indonesian veteran Actor Frans Tumbuan also played a role. The movie was written and directed by Robert Chappell.

Although none of them make it to the box office and Indonesian movie scene was filled with sex flavored titles and stories with actresses like Inneke Koesherawati, Malvin Shayna and the regulars like Reynaldi, Kiki Fatmala and Sally Marcellina at the time, Hollywood producer turn their eyes in Indonesia for movie making business. One of the factor probably the cost for making movie in Indonesia considerably cheap compared in the US and with market as big as Indonesia at the time was quite profitable.

At the end of the 90s movie makers started to take the derailed Industry in the right track. Attracting more viewers, Bintang Jatuh make the landmark of the rejuvenation Indonesia movie Industry. Followed by AADC and Jelangkung. Seems that Indonesia Indonesian movie making business fluorish once again. More and more good movies released every year ever since. Please don’t ruin it like it was happened in the start of 90s. It is more to see than just lame horror scene and boobs flashing. Oh, did I just say boobs? Somebody will fine me this time…



  1. It’s a good round-up on Indonesian recent movie industry.Apreciated it.

  2. Thank you for the comment Mas Budi

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