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I hope this post will not be banned according to newly passed Pornography Act. Intrigued by treespotter to write something about boobs err breasts, so here is my piece.

Why Men Interested in Boobs?

Breasts probably the first erotic experience for men (and women too), the first thing they would encounter as soon as they open their eyes to the world. That is if you were breastfeed. But as human grows, men interest to breasts is differ from women. Men think of boobs as part of women sexual appeal – regardless of size, but sometime size does matter. Let us men admit, when you met a girl what is the first thing you will notice after you put a glance on her face?

I would say boobs, why? Because they are spot on, especially women in tight shirt. Probably one of the obvious reason why men are fascinated about boobs, simply because men didn’t have them. We have nippled chest, not boobs. While women have a pair of them, so what’s the big deal?

It was way back, in my adolescence when I had my first boobs experience. That is paying attention to girl’s boobs as part of their sexual appeal. I still remember in the time of my junior high, one of the girls in my class has a pair of boobs that significantly different in size with other girls. While other’s probably still wearing minisets or A cup bra, she’s probably using C cup (Do I sound like a pervert?). Well, what can I say, it was the transitional period from a child to a man. And part of it was attraction to opposite sex. And boobs are sexually appealing.

What size are you?

As I grow into a more mature, preference to what size of boobs that I like better formed. When come to size, I think most men would say the bustier the better. I personally prefer in the correct proportion. The size that just right. I do admit, bustier boobs make women more noticeable, easier to be spot on. But when they get to much and become disproportional with the body curvature, I don’t like it as much.

I don’t really know how women feel about their body, particularly their breasts. Some women just happy for what they are, but some feel dissatisfied on their appearance. Women with dissatisfaction tried many ways to get what they want it for their body (and breasts). Undergo plastic surgery for example, having silicone implanted to make it look better in a way, sexier, sexually more appealing and such. But is that the only thing that interests men? Well, if you are trying to become a pornstar, that’ll do. But to attract men, it takes more than just a pair of boobs.

Brighter side of Boobs

As I mentioned before, that breasts are the first encounter of newly born human to sexuality. But breasts serve a noble purpose in life. They are means of nurturing the infants. Breastfeeding, probably the best for baby’s growth and development. First drop of mother’s milk will give the baby immunity. Mother’s milk also contain more nutrient than any type of formula that essentials for the babies. Women that breastfeed have lesser risk of breast cancer, which to women they consider their worst nightmare.

Breast are gift, both to women and men, especially women. That’s why, women should pay more attention taking care their breasts instead of having bustier or bigger breasts. Healthy breasts are good for the baby, and keeps the father happy.


PS : To treespotter, it’s hard to keep the writing decent and not sound perverted. Not having a taste of boobs for quite sometime now, this is what I came up with in such a sort notice. Wish I can do more of observation.


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