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“How about me? May I do it?”

“No, I don’t want you to do it. It would only makes things more complicated.”

“I know…”

“You are there, and will always be there. In the domain of if only…”

– In a conversation with a friend, this is when I came up with the term of “domain of if only…”



Do not read the post above below when you are depressed or stressed out or having the worst day of your life or you are seriously working. Sanity will not be guaranteed.


If only, probably another words of saying regrets. But I am proposing a new domain for these words “if only…”. As in matter, there is anti-matter, and in time lines, for present there hypothetically anti-present. Like matter and anti-matter, they are not opposite, but rather be co-exist.


Me too, I am still confuse in making any sense of what I am about to write in this post.

OK, let’s start with an example.

Every once in a while, we are faced with choices. Choices, whether like it or not, you have to decide. Say, you have to choose between stay with your current employer or move to another company. At that moment you didn’t know which one is the best option. Both options are in neither bad OR god, but they are in the state of potentially bad AND good. You don’t know until you observed it. That is you when you decide which option you are taking, now let’s call this as present.

At some point, the results of choices you’ve made, is not what you expected to be. It may be disappointing. This is when the two words tag along. If only I chose to do otherwise, things could’ve been different. Yes, things might be working differently, but is it really going to be better than the other one? I most likely would say yes, it should work that way. Since the options are in the state of potentially bad and good. When an observation is made, then one value can only be attributed to one option, and vice versa. Because the worse option belong in the domain of present. Then this option that we chose not to take, the hypothetically better option, belongs to domain of anti-present.

Like the premises above, that this domain of anti-present working not in the opposite manner, but it rather be co-exist with domain of present. Meaning that in one time line, this two domain share the same time line but giving different results. The existance of this domain, the anti-present (if only domain), is still hypothetical. I’ve never heard anybody trying to do experiments to prove this hypothesis, or at least yet. Probably in sometimes in the future somebody wacky will do it or even try to travel between this two domain, just to feel what is like to be on the other side.

But right now, let’s focus only on the domain of present, because that’s the only thing that matter, real thing. No matter what happen, the choices we’ve made, what is done, is done, for better or worse that what we are going through day by day, each and every minute. The anti-present is there, to remind us, that choices we’ve made, not always the right one, nor better one. That’s why we have logic, to measure better the options we have in front of us. For things that went wrong, hey, c’est la vie. That’s life!


PS : I don’t think I’ve made any sense in this post



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