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The house of representative controversially passed the controversial Anti Pornography Bill, here after called the porn bill. By the implementation of the bill causes unrest amongst media practioners, printed or electronics or internet, artists, art performers, movie makers and those media and entertainment related profession. The cause of this unrest mainly of two things: the definition of pornography itself and the involvement of public or community or (radical, religious based) non government organization in the enforcement of the bill.

The definition remain uncertain, in the sense of boundaries or the limit of how far can somebody or pictures go “naked” before it falls into “porn” in the perspective of the act itself. It may be between the range of mini skirts to two piece bikinis, subjective based on the mind set of the viewer. If the definition of porn is an act or picture or scene that sexually arousing, this is even worse, people can be sexually aroused in many ways and some even not include nudity whatsoever. One can be sexually aroused just by seeing a pair of legs, or noticing a pair of boobs under a very tight shirt. I guess talking about a porn industry in Indonesia still a long way, or even impossible. Indonesian plays the role as customers, even this ilegally.

Other concern is the explicit involvement of public on the enforcement of the bill. Mainly those the radical religious based non government organization. In one of the article of the porn bill this involvement stated clearly. Public can act in the name of law to take measures based on the act if they found an act, media publication that leads to pornography. It is hard to contain such mass action especially when they feel that the action is legalize by an act or bill. As I recall, the talks for such bill arise when the government approve the publication of Playboy Indonesia magazine couple years back. When playboy Indonesia appear for the first time in public the office was raided by a radical-religious based organization (well you know who…), which leads to destructive act by the group. Before playboy, publications with similar content already exist in the industry, but public remain calm and consider them only for entertainment. With the implementation of the porn bill today, media practitioners worry that such mass action may occur and now its legalize.

Furthermore, in my opinion, if the purpose of implementation of the bill is to protect our youth from bad influence, then it is an affirmation of the failure of education system, especially education related to moral aspect. I personally think the porn bill won’t be effective when there are still many holes to patch. The best way is to plant moral values from early age. It is obvious that education especially moral and religious education is not only the responsibility of the teachers in schools, or falls to cleric and preachers and definitely not the government. It should start within the family, a respect in family values.

Give a better understanding to kids on what is right and what is wrong, good and bad. Not only by telling them, but also give the reason why. Plant those understandings as early as possible to give effective influence as they grow and matured. With better understanding in moral and family value, they can digest the information wisely. This is a moral issue, fix the moral of the youth with better moral and religious education, to give a stronger defense against whatever bad influence. Because no matter how hard the attacks are, with better and stronger moral defense, the attacks will be futile. Then it is no longer needed for such a represive act or bill. Or is it already to late to fix the moral of our youth?


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