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Is it possible for Indonesia to have an integrated database for Indonesian citizen?

I’ve come across with a story from a friend, she’s staying in Australia, and just recently renew her passport in the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Australia, since she’s still using her green passport eventhough she’s married to an Australian. Apparently, when she was travelling to New Zealand, the Australian immigration officer asked for her old passport. She just found out that her new Indonesian passport number has the same number with other person’s passport. How could that be?

It’s not uncommon this sort of thing happens to Indonesian, since our civil record still pretty much clutterd all over the bureau of authorities. From office to office you will find the data of Indonesian stacked in huge file of red or green stofmaps. This can be a potential door for those with bad intention.

Have you ever tried to apply for a passport in your local immigration office?

You have to bring yourself at least four different types of document to prove your legal existance as Indonesian citizen. Your birth certificate, family listing, diplomas, and of course your ID card if available or other form of certificate.

Is it possible for Indonesia to have one integrated and online database of its citizen?

I’ve always dream of it.

Every child born as Indonesian, their parents will just have to go to the sub-district office with a paper from the hospital or nurse, stating the name of the baby and parents and the time he/she was born. Having registered, she/he will get her birth certificate with a unique number which he/she must carry for his/her entire life. Meanwhile an officer filling her database, along with a finger print database, this to reduce the possibility of one person have more than one identity or name. This unique number then registered in a bureau for citizenship, which also connected to other bureau for different purpose, like immigration office, election commission, police department, homeland security, and all related institution.

When the time comes for a citizen to get ID card, they just have to show the family listing which also contains the citizen number. Put a barcode on the ID card, and the card can be used for multiple purpose. Apply for passport, voters registration and all sort of things can be made simpler.

I know, it is easier said and done, but, is it really impossible?

One, the cost of getting an online database, especially with a huge population like Indonesia, will be unbelievably big.

Two, the infrastructures aren’t ready, if you don’t want to say there are none of them.

Three, Indonesia consists of thousands of islands, spread in 5000 km distance from west to east (getting these islands together in one big Indonesia is a big achievement itself)

Four, people in Indonesia living in many different types of terrain, from low lands to the peak of mountains.

So, have your say… or should I just keep on daydreaming?


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