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Probably those of you who follow me on twitter noticed that for the last couple of days (or weeks) I’ve been whining about my current job here in Singapore. Even though I hold the same position as my previous company in Jakarta a year ago, but somehow I didn’t like it as much.

So what’s wrong?

What’s wrong with the job?

Nothing, nothing is wrong with the job, I love my job.

So, what is it all about?

The situation, the current situation pretty much frustrating for me. The company, well it’s just started about one and half year ago, so you couldn’t expect lots of jobs and big ones flowing in your lap. No, it just starting. Indeed we have projects, and they come in bits and pieces. Doing a bit of this, a bit of that, updating databases. Euh, I really do not want to evolve in such frustrating situation much longer. I am feeling like I am wasting my talent. I need a break, out of this situation.

So what to do next?

As you will notice in my tumblr, one of my targets for the upcoming year is to get myself a new job, errgghh.. not a new job, I love my job, I mean another company to work for, and possibly pays better. I have myself one in hand, and if everything goes as it should be, then by early next year I’m leaving Singapore and heading for the next destination, at the moment I cannot disclose that.

Also considering another option here in Singapore, which I haven’t heard any news for two weeks, I guess I fail my self in one of my worst job interviews. But someone shed me some lights yesterday, bigger break, bigger opportunity some where further. Hopefully this goes as smoothly as possible too.

Reason behind

I hate when everybody thinks that moving from one company to another is always about the money. Not for me, although money is one of the major factor to be considered, I put aside money over opportunity. Opportunity to grow and develop myself to be a better professional.

Second of all, I love my job, my position as a process engineer, in the past time I really enjoyed it. And for the sake of the love for the job, I’ve decided to move on, since by sitting here, I am wasting my talent, therefore I do not take care of my job properly. I mean if you love something and you do not want to lose it, you should take care for it, am I right?

Anyway, there’s a famous saying, love your job, not the company you work for…


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