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Since the start beginning of the year, I am working in Singapore, and at least once a month (sometimes twice) I travel back and forth between Singapore and Jakarta. Due to work constraint, I take my flight to Jakarta friday night around 8pm to 9pm meanwhile going back to Singapore on Sunday, at any time.

The problem is, there are not many options to chose a flight to Jakarta in the night. Only 3 airlines served Singapore – Jakarta after 6pm. Those are SQ, GA, and VF. Usually I take VF, because they have the most suitable timing and at affordable rates, since SQ definitely too expensive for me. What about GA?

There’s nothing wrong with GA, the only thing that missing is ONLINE BOOKING FACILITY on their website ( And for me, it will be helpful if they really do have it. For example, I am planning to go to Jakarta on October 24, and since it’ll be long weekend here in Singapore, the price has gone up, especially if I am using VF, from usually SGD 150 to SGD 191. As I recall, this price is almost the same as GA ticket. So I am planning to buy GA for 9pm flight. What am I supposed to do?

Usually, I do it just by clicking this and that, bla bla bla… and voila, I get my e-ticket! But what happen with GA? I have to make calls! Calls to Jakarta or purchase it via a travel agent, which is another pain in the ass for me. it’s far more comfortable doing it behind your desk, isn’t it?

So why they don’t have online reservation facility? Don’t ask me, ask their smart management people. It is widely known that direct selling cuts cost! Online booking is a way of direct selling, easier for the consumer and lot easier for the seller. They just need to build those online portal, with credit card or debit card payment, it’s simple, and sometime maintenance free!

Security matters?

Well, security, specially in relation with online payment can be a major issue, but they can outsource the online payment service to a third party, so they don’t have to do security verification or other security protection software, the third party will do it. I guess this approach is carried by Lion Air in their online booking facility, and what do you know? It works! I can see Lion Air passanger lining up in the terminal every time I am going back to Singapore via Batam.

I guess not only GA that don’t have online booking facility, some other airlines also, but GA is like the carrier of Indonesia, serve not only domestic route but also international route. It’s 21st century, every one wants to do it at fast, simple and without much of hassle, so why don’t you start your own online booking facility GA! You can do it, you see, JT can do it!

PROVE THAT E-TRAVEL really works with you!


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  1. Hi Ari,
    I also just knew about this around one month ago when I tried to purchase a GA ticket to Indonesia. It was surprising for me when I found out that they do not have on-line booking facility in their website. Another thing I found, if you book their ticket via travel agency in Canada, the quoted price given by GA to the travel Agency is almost four times than normal price when you book from Indonesia…A total rip off….

    BTW, just a matter of curiousity, would it be better to use ‘Since the beginning of this year’ or ‘Since early of this year’ rather than ‘Since the start of the year’?
    I am asking this because I know you are very particular about English…hehehe

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