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Sebagai catatan akhir musim EPL 2007/2008, saya ingin mengomentari 4 tim teratas musim ini. Tidak dapat dipungkiri, dengan All England Finals di UCL 2007/2008, Liga Inggris terbukti sebagai liga terbaik di daratan Eropa.

Komentar :

– Manchester United,

they are just the best… simply the best, enough said!

– Chelsea

Abramovich, there something that money can’t buy… Champions… You have to create them! It must be painful seeing multimillion pounds squad wasted!

– Arsenal

Wenger, the time is not yet to come, for now it’s the best that it gets…

– Liverpool

As a 4th placed team for the last hmm I forget for how many seasons, you guys shall shout :

“We just don’t care who will be no 1, 2 or 3… because 4 definitely ours!”



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