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Remembering :

The arguments, fights, and all the ever agonizing silent treatment

The tears, the frown, the anger thrown

Amids the smile and laughter

Along with hugs and kisses and bedroom talks

always when we fight

I try to make you laugh

Till everythings forgotten

I knew you hate that

Being :

Inconclusive state of heart and mind

in the abstract of what lies ahead

shaping up future for the better of us together

Imagining :

Home, kids, and afterworks

Selection of woods and books

Dinner menu from appetizer to dessert

Aphrodisiac and pillow talks

Walk in the park and travelling round the globe

the significant others feud and reconciliations

Arguments of educating and parenting, choices of toiletries and amenities, supply and groceries, where to go and what to do

Tiny bits and a whole chuck of life

and many other things that comes, obstacles and tears, smooth ride and cheers.

Life moves on, things in the past, let it be the past, remember it as it will bring us happiness. Things happening right now, soon it will be over, and becomes another past. What lies ahead is much bigger, and that we will endure it also.

Let’s start us a new life, in which we shared all those moments together, hand in hand we can make it.

Believe me, life were not easy and never been easy, but it would be nicer to go through it with one you love and one who love you.



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